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Diego Madani

Founder of treesRus.org 

with Hillary Schieve

 Mayor of Reno, Nevada

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treesRus with support from scouts troop 150, local Rotary clubs, neighbors and friends, restoring the damage caused by the July 1 fire at the entrance to Washoe Lake State Park.  Burnt trees and bushes were removed and 26 new trees planted.
treesRus with support from scouts troop 150, Optimist club of Reno, neighbors and friends, removing old and damaged fencing (several football fields long) leading to the bird viewing area of Washoe Valley State Park.   July 30, 2022
treesRus founder Diego Madani with Reno councilwomen Naomi Duerr at the September 10, 2022 tree planting at Horizon Park in South Reno.  Matt Basile (tree in hand), Reno Urban Forester, provided planting instructions.  60 trees were planted.  
A treesRus retrospective, exclusive interview with the treesRus founder, Diego Madani, accessible by clicking here
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2014, One of the trees Diego helped plant at elementary school
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2021, The same trees, and Diego, all grown up.
Northern Nevada Business Weekly, September 15, 2021 Spotlights treesRus.org 
 treesRus to restore fire damage at Washoe Lake State Park

July 1, 2021, Truckee Meadows Fire and Carson City Fire Department were called late Thursday morning to a brush fire that started from an RV fire at Washoe Lake State Park.  It is estimated to have burned around 2 acres at the park entrance on East Lake Blvd., according to Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch Center.

UPDATE:  The RV owner has disappeared and the red tape with various agencies like the DMV has drawn out the removal and disposal of the burnt hazardous leftovers.  However, there is a plan in place to get it removed and disposed of properly.  

treesRus will remove and dispose of the burnt vegetation, plant new trees and bushes as well as irrigate them.  Although most of the work is done by volunteers, some dollars are needed to buy supplies and pay for disposal expenses.  Donate, volunteer, sponsor a tree or three.

New tree nursery is finished. We moved in +120 trees. We still have room for at least 200 more trees.

July 17, 2021

treesRus with support from scouts troop 150, harvesting tree saplings from the shore of little Washoe Lake in Northern Nevada. The lake dried up due to the drought. The trees will be replanted in the  Washoe Lake State Park camping area.

Tree planting at Washoe Lake State Park, May 1, 2021 organized and sponsored by treesRus.org with special thanks to Reno South Rotary and boy scout troop 150 for their support.
January 9th, 2021, Neighborhood donations of Christmas Trees allowed us to produce mulch.
November 7th, 2020, thanks to the Reno South Rotary for volunteering their time in helping with the transplanting of 100 trees into larger pots which are to be planted in 2021.
Tree planting at Washoe Lake State Park, August 1, 2020 organized and sponsored by treesRus.org with special thanks to Reno South Rotary for their support.