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Our biggest goal is to plant trees, as many trees as possible.   

Plant 1,000 trees in the 1st year.

With the help of our dedicated team members, we hope to plant at least 1,000 trees in our first year. With your help, we can achieve this goal faster and have an impact on the planet sooner.

Recruit people to plant more trees.

With our starting team, we're working diligently to pursue our goals, but we're also actively seeking recruits to help us meet our targets.

Sapling nursery image.jpg
Establish a tree nursery.

Planting seeds might grow into fully developed trees, however, developing a nursery for trees so we may plant them during their adolescent phase will net higher results.

Educate the adults of tomorrow.

Our work will help the planet on the long term, however, without educating tomorrows adults, our work can and will go to waste. Educating future generations will not only help with the prevention of wasteful lifestyles, but it will also help people discover their inner connection with the planet, and it will make people want to give back to our planet more and more.

Partner up with other non-profits.

As a non-profit, we understand the difficulties other non-profits go through, and as such, we believe that teaming up with other organizations, such as schools and community groups, will help us develop relationships with those that respect the planet, our ONLY home.

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