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Our Team

Meet the people that are leading our cause,  working for a better and healthier planet.

Diego Madani

At the time, a 6th grader at Depoall Middle School, Washoe County, Nevada and a Boyscout, Diego is the founder with the vision for treesRus. He brings the willpower and perseverance to back the vision.

Masih Madani

Dad and all around helper and guide.

Eric Ruiz

Plus twenty years of experience in landscaping.

Bill & Donna Sharp

Washoe Valley Forum. Long time residents of Washoe Valley, Bill and Donna are activists engaged in various philanthropic and community causes focused on a greener future.

Holly Bromely

Reno Arborist. As a Certified Arborist Holly specializes in the diagnosis of tree diseases. She also specializes in training homeowners on how to properly prune their trees and shrubs as well as offering training for landscape maintenance personnel in natural pruning practices as well as correct timing of pruning various shrub species.

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