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Help Reverse Global Warming.

Protect our planet for yourself and future  generations.


We couldn't have done it without the strong-willed people that had a vision.

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Our dedication to this cause is bigger than even The General Sherman Tree, the biggest tree in the world.

Click here to learn what our end goal is, and how we plan on achieving that goal.

Get Involved

Our loyal supporters are what helps us continue our projects. Not only are they helping us, they're helping every living thing on the planet.

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Adopt A Tree

Do you want to have a more personal relationship with our work? Through the Adopt A Tree program, we'll provide you with the exact location of a tree that was planted with your help, so you can follow it's growth!

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Our Mission

At treesRus our mission is to help reduce the carbon footprint on Earth. treesRus inspires young and old to plant and care for trees ... uniting communities.

How are we going to do that? By planting trees!! As you know, trees are essential components of our environment. They are the best carbon storage. They absorb the carbon dioxide that we put out in various ways and convert into oxygen.

If we don’t act now, our earth will be destroyed; creating an environment that no life can thrive in. So now is the time to start planting our saviors, trees. By doing this and rebuilding our forests, I see a brighter & cleaner future that all life can thrive in.

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