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Help Reverse Global Warming.

Protect our planet for yourself and future generations.


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We couldn't have done it without the strong-willed youngsters that had a vision and executed on their ideas.

Learn more about our founder, our organizers and trusty advisers.  And their vision for a healthier and greener future.

Give a gift, donate in the name of a family member, an event, or in memory of a loved one.

Through the Adopt A Tree program, we'll provide you with the exact GPS location of the trees that were planted with your donation, so you can follow their growth!

Trees are the world’s largest repository of carbon. So, by planting trees we are sequestering the carbon in the air. Lose enough trees and our planets cycling of carbon, water and nutrients will be thrown in disarray.

We need to be responsible global citizens and take care of our earth to make sure our children inherit a better and brighter future.

Green Leaves

Upcoming/past Planting Events

May 21, 2023

Washoe Lake State Park

4855 Eastlake Blvd, New Washoe City, NV 89704


August 19, 2023

Galena High School

3600 Butch Cassidy Dr, Reno, NV 89511

October 21, 2023

South Valley Volunteer Fire Dept 

and Community Center 

3010 Lakeshore Drive

New Washoe City, NV 89704 

NOTE:  bring gloves, shovel and personal protection such as sunscreen, hat, etc...

Planting trees will help combat the adverse effects of climate change and global warming.

Grow trees

Plant trees

Wild land restoration

Sell trees

treesRus was started in December of 2019 by Diego Madani, an 11-year-old boy scout.  The goal was to create a world that future generations can live and thrive in.


We are volunteers determined to leave the earth a better place than we found it.


PO Box 19311, Reno NV 89511

775-420-4483 is a non-profit organization focused on planting trees to better our world and to reduce the carbon footprint of people.

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